Tips To Find The Right Shoe Fit: Ankle Doctor Carrollton

by Administrator 22. August 2014 11:51

Our feet are prone to a lot of wear and tear. Since they bear the whole weight of our body, they are susceptible to a number of problems related to feet, ankles, hips and spine. These can slowly turn into more serious disorders like arthritis, nerve and circulatory disorders. Wearing shoes that are too tight, loose and don’t have proper support can be detrimental in the long run. Therefore, it is important to understand the importance of finding the right shoe fit in order to keep your feet in good shape.

According to foot and ankle doctors, shoes that are selected for daily use should be of proper size that provides comfort from long periods of standing or walking. Below are some tips that can help in selecting the right shoe size:

  • It should not be assumed that you can fit into the same size of shoes as the previous ones. Even if the shoes are from the same company and model, they should be tried before purchasing to see if they are comfortable.
  • To ensure that the shoes fit properly, they should be bought towards the end of the day as your feet swell up to 8% throughout the day.
  • While shopping for shoes, you should spend adequate time in making the choice. They should not be bought in a hurry. Since most outlets have a few shoes of the many shoes in the market, it is not compulsory to buy shoes from the first shop itself.
  • Shoes should be tried on both feet to check for comfort. You should walk a few steps on a hard floor and even try a larger size to decide on the best fit.
  • Comfort should be the only criteria while purchasing shoes. The shoes that feel good right away are the right shoes for you.
  • If possible, shoes that have different widths should be tried. Shoes that are wide enough allow for fitting the ball of the foot in the widest part of the shoe.
  • If the foot needs to be stretched by a salesperson, it should not be bought.
  • Pointed shoes cause discomfort causing the toes to crowd. Square and round shape toe box have more room and comfort, allows the toes to lay flat. Therefore, these shapes should also be kept in mind before buying any kind of shoes.
  • There should be ½ inch space between the longest toe and shape of the shoe. Wearing shoes that are too long can cause blisters as the foot keeps moving towards the shoe front.

The material of the shoe should be considered to see if it is comfortable against the skin.  One should not tell you which shoes are right for you. You should try several pairs to see which shoes are the best and provide cushioning to your feet. Choosing the right shoes can keep a lot of foot problems away and also provide support to other parts of the body. If you want any consultation regarding foot and ankle problems, please contact Dr. Heier at (972) 492-1334.

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