Bunion: Non-Surgical Treatment In Carrollton

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A Bunion, also known as Hallux Valgus, is a condition that forces the metatarsal bone of the bone to protrude and causes the big toe to bend inwards while putting pressure on the toe next to it. Bunion can also lead to the development of a bursa over the joint and inflammation of the adjacent tissues. The condition causes deformity at the base of the big toe and can be formed due to genetics, aging, medical conditions such as Arthritis, foot structure or wearing ill fitted shoes. The orthopedic surgeon may physically examine the foot to determine a Bunion and devise a treatment plan after determining the severity of the condition.

Here are some non-surgical treatment options for Bunions:

  • Proper Shoes: Wearing comfortable shoes that have a wide toe area, low heel and proper arch support, can assist in relieving excessive pressure from the Bunion. It also provides space to the toes and offers comfort.
  • Orthotics: Wearing bunion pads or arch supports can assist in distributing the body weight evenly, realigning the bones and removing pressure off the big toe. Splints, worn over the toe, can assist in straightening it and prevent the Bunion from worsening. Toe spacers can also help to reduce the pain caused due to a Bunion. You can also consider wearing a splint during nighttime to keep the toe properly aligned and ease pain.
  • Patches: Wearing a felt patch or moleskin around the pressure area protects the affected toe from rubbing against the shoe. This, when placed on the Bunion, offers relief from pain.
  • Medication: The doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory medication to offer relief from pain and swelling. Steroid injections may also be recommended to relieve severe Bunion pain.
  • Ice: Applying ice packs to the affected area can help to relieve pain and inflammation. It is recommended to apply ice packs for at least 10 to 20 minutes every hour or as directed by the foot doctor.
  • Physical Therapy: Exercises performed under the supervision of a physiotherapist can also reduce the symptoms of the Bunion. Physical therapy improves mobility and flexibility of the toe. The patient can grab a ball with the toes and perform a ‘grab and release’ motion.

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