Common Risk Factors For Bunion

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A Bunion is the enlargement of the joint at the base of the big toe. In this condition, the big toe pushes itself onto the other toes and a bony lump is visible right next to it. People who develop a Bunion may experience difficulty in playing sports, walking, running and exercising. The common causes for this condition are genetics, wearing wrong shoes and Arthritis.


  • Deformity: In cases of advanced bunion, the big toe may look severely deformed. It may lie over or under the second toe due to being inwardly pushed by the Bunion. In such cases, pain may be felt after wearing shoes and sometimes even walking may prove to be uncomfortable.
  • Exostosis: There may be growth of an additional bone or lump, called exostisis, right next to the big toe.
  • Pain And Redness: This condition may cause pain and redness in the affected toe. There may also be some inflammation with the thickening of the overlying skin.
  • Inability To Walk: There may be extreme discomfort while walking.

Risk Factors

  • Heredity: The condition is usually passed on in generations. Thus, if there is someone suffering from Bunion your family, you are more prone to acquire it.
  • Wearing Wrong Shoes: Bunion may be seen in people who wear narrow or high heeled shoes for long periods. Ballet dancers are more susceptible to the condition because of their differently shaped shoes that keep the feet in an unusual position and puts pressure on the big toe.
  • Arthritis: Certain degenerative conditions, such as Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis, may also increase the risk for a Bunion. When inflammation affects bones, one might have difficulty in walking which may lead to the development of this condition.
  • Age: As age progresses, chances of developing bunion may increase.
  • Nerve Condition: A nervous system disorder may also cause bunion to appear.
  • Gender: Bunions are more common in women than men, may be because wearing heels is one of the most common causes for it.

One must take precautions to reduce the chances of getting a bunion. This may be done by wearing wide toed, comfortable shoes that do not put undue pressure on the feet.

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